How Much Are You Saving?
Preventative Dental Care

 Service A1 Health member
 Regular Fees as high as
 Adult Examination  No Charge  Up to $300 a year
 X-Rays      No Charge     Up to $132 a year
 Adult Cleaning  No Charge Up to $170 a year
$214 annual membership Up to $602 a year out of pocket
Up to a $388 savings + 25% discount on corrective services

Chiropractic Savings

A1 Health Members also receive discounts on chiropractic services from ANEW Medical and Rehabilitation. Below is a sampling of some discounts:

 Service Co-Payment
"Basic Care"
Regular Fees
as High as
Chiropractic Exam $50.00 $120.00
Chiropractic Adjustment $20.00 $45.00
Massage 1-Hour $56.25 $75.00
Massage 1/2-Hour $33.75 $45.00
X-Rays (per region) $75.00 $100.00

The leading health professionals at ANEW Medical and Rehabilitation are dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives -- combining skills and expertise that spans the entire chiropractic wellness spectrum. 

Anew Chiropractic is treating patients in Joliet, IL and Lockport, IL. 

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