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Affordable Coverage For You & Your Family

A1 Health Management is discount plan for most dental and chiropractic services.  You save on everything from cleanings & fillings to cosmetic procedures & crowns and even chiropractic adjustments! Now you can join a low-cost discount plan for a nominal membership fee.  This plan entitles you to preventative dental care at no cost!  Corrective services are available for small co-payments that are far less than the usual, customary fees. 
  • All Health Conditions Accepted!
  • Cannot Be Denied Coverage!
  • No Deductibles!
  • No Health Questions!
  • You Cannot Be Singled Out for Rate Increases or Cancellations!

You can enroll at any of the participating dental or chiropractic offices or click one of the buttons below.


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2241 Theodore Street, Crest Hill, Illinois 60403
Toll Free: 1 (855) 843-0101
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